February TwentyFirst

Salient Thought for the Day.
If you keep your gaze fixed steadfastly on the right course, no one can turn you back.


Lines to Memorize
None shall hinder thy forward course For I guide thy steps.
Place thy hand in Mine and walk with faith.
Where I am there is no ill. Fear not, but walk forward with faith.
Light will come; For where’er I am there is light.


As we learn to face our problems without being faint-hearted,
we are sustained and helped in every way.
Strength, inspiration, power to do, will come.
We must always remember that however hard an experience may be,
it always holds something for us. When these things come,
we must not convert them into a tragedy by giving way to them.


O Thou Almighty One, wake me from my slumber of ignorance.
Help me to feel Thy unfailing protection and sustaining power.
May they make me invincible and resolute.
Bestow on me Thy abiding blessing.