February Nineteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
We must never fall away. By steadfastness we surmount the greatest


Lines to Memorize
Fear not, nor be distressed.
I am with thee always
There is no space before Me:
I infill all space.
Yea, I am always with thee.
Fear not, nor be distressed.


If we are in tune, if we are fortified, we can go through the greatest misfor-
tune without being crushed. If we are not in tune and thus fortified, we are in
danger even in the midst of good fortune. There are obstacles in the spiritual
path, but they only rise and overcome us when our life is out of rhythm. To
remedy this we must find a proper basis for our action. When we find this,

harmony is restored.l.


O Thou Inexhaustible Source of all blessedness,
Fill my mind with noble thoughts.
Strengthen and sanctify my life.
May I never give way to despondency or despair.
Make me undaunted in the face of every obstacle and difficulty.
And at all times may I look to Thee as my sole Support..