February Eighteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
It makes us stronger, to endure.


Lines to Memorize
Brave heart, tired soul, remain awake a while longer,
a while longer.The hour of watching is almost over.
It will end, And its end will bring thee gladness and rest.


We need to pass through times of darkness in order to learn the
value of spiritual consciousness. When our life becomes blinded by
despair, all our efforts seem unsuccessful; those are the moments
when we need to hold fast. When we have a thing, we do not re-
alize the lack of it. For instance when a person rolls in luxury, it is
very difficult for him to imagine the misery of poverty. Same is it
when we have great spiritual consciousness in us we do not appre-
ciate what misery, what unhappiness, its absence can create in a soul.


Thou know my strength and my weakness.
Rouse in my heart such fortitude and firmness of faith
That nothing can throw me down or overwhelm me.
Help me to lift my thoughts above the distractions of this world
And fasten them to the stable and undying.