February Seventeenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
A person neglecting his thoughts and feelings cannot suddenly
get the blessing of the spiritual life.


Lines to Memorize
I sit in this garden of mine
Speechless and wonder-struck;
I walk in it gently with bare feet,
For it is now holy land.


We must keep our inner life orderly. We must keep it up. This
cannot be done by someone else. If there is a lack of fervor, in-
crease it, double it, treble it, and the lack will be crowded out.
There are times when spiritual lethargy overpowers everyone,
but the brave heart rises above it and overcomes it. The Supreme
Being is never far away from us. It is because of our conception of
Him that He seems far away. We hold Him aloof by our attitude of
mind. We draw Him close through simple faith and purity of heart.


O Thou All-compassionate Being,
Free my thoughts and actions from all blemish
That they may manifest Thy Truth at every step.
May my life move in perfect rhythm with Thy life.
May I never grow weary in Thy service
Or lack in ardor and devotion to Thee.