February Sixteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
We eliminate weakness through our life.
We can make ourselves like a fortress—invulnerable.


Lines to Memorize
The ramparts of this dwelling where I live
Are built with faith, hope, courage and love.
These four walls stand all weather and storm.


If we can carry holy thoughts and hold a right sense of values,
we can live our life without breaking under it, no matter how diffi-
cult it may be. We are hurting ourselves fundamentally when we
lower our standard. If we hold to a fixed level of conduct, whatever
the world does we still maintain our standard. When we walk in
the light of God, there is no darkness. The light of Truth always
shines through our life when we have love in our heart.


Thou, O Lord, art the Source of my strength and sustenance.
Fill me with spiritual strength.
Make me steadfast and selfless and strong to endure.
May I rest in Thy Holy Presence
And feel secure in the consciousness of Thy protecting love.