February Fifteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Our trials are a greater blessing than the pleasant things which happen to us.


Lines to Memorize
Brother, thy load is heavy and thou art weary;
But One Who has placed the load upon thy head will also give
thee strength to carry it…
He knows both thy strength and failing;
His gift is just and right-proportioned.
Bear thou then with unruffled mind joy and sorrow,
loss and gain.


O blessed sorrow! you rend our heart with your sharp thrust that
we may be purged of self and delusion. You are truly our benefi-
cent friend, but you come with fierce scorn of a foe. You are the
awakener of our spoiled lethargic hearts. Come as oft as you think


Sweet Comforter, my soul’s unfailing Refuge,
Thou art the embodiment of all that is blessed;
Bless me that I may find my sole comfort and joy in Thee,
Taking whatever Thou givest with trusting heart.
Make me a worthy channel to express
Thy power and do Thy Will.