February Fourteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
We must be patient, we must be persevering, we must be stead-fast,
if we would develop our higher qualities.


Lines to Memorize
Soul of the sanctified mystic is nurtured in the bosom of Divinity;
His rhythmic heart beats in unison with the unbroken harmony of life.
Blessed art thou who doth shed upon this discordant world
Thy sweet beneficence of love and peace.


When someone strikes you, glorify the pain; be grateful that you
have a chance to prove your steadfastness and loyalty. A person’s
test of strength and wisdom rests on this—how great is his sense
of equilibrium under stress. A man must have so much balance, so
much wisdom that he can withstand the onslaughts of life.


May I follow Thy patn, O Lord,
with unwavering faith and one-pointed devotion.
Give me such spiritual insight that I may know my union with
Thy Divine Being; And may this so strengthen me
That I shall be unmoved by the hard experiences of life.