February Thirteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
In the spiritual life without steadiness nothing can be accomplished.


Lines to Memorize
Companion of my life,
Before I found Thee I was an aimless wanderer,
Roaming alone like a wanton child.
Thy divine beauty hath tamed my restless mind.


Everyone wants to be free from unhappiness, weakness and fear.
But how can we, when we cling so tenaciously to the ephemeral?
So long as we hold to changing things and go up and down with
them, we can never find what we are seeking. Although we may
have tremendous zeal for happiness and higher ideals, we miss our end.


All-loving Spirit, draw my heart away from the fleeting objects of sense.
And fasten it to Thy abiding Reality.
Awaken in me spiritual yearning,
That through it I may perceive Thee in all things.
May I never yield to weakness
Or fail in my loyalty to Thee, who art the Source of my life and
my strength.