February Eleventh

Salient Thought for the Day.
The strength of life comes from finding the harmony of life.

Lines to Memorize
Thy whisper hath filled my soul with an unending song.
In noise and stillness, in crowd and alone,
Thy gentle tone is always in my ear.
Thy breath like sweet perfume hath soothed all my sense-cravings.
The touch of Thine immortal hand is ever upon me.
I am filled! Filled am I from all sides!


Our vision is not always the same, but true vision is never lost. It may seem to grow less; but when it comes again it is stronger than ever. When we are in harmony, without calculation we say the right word, we do the right thing; we lose all thought of calculation. Whatever we have is the gift of the great Effulgent One. If we carry this thought ever with us, we cannot do anything wrong. When we connect ourselves with the Origin of life, we do not have to ask for the results of that connection; they come of themselves.


O Lord, help me to open my heart
That it may be filled with Thy divine harmony.
Free my mind from unruly restless thoughts.
Silence all doubt and despair within me.
Make me to realize Thy allness,
And tune my life in perfect unison with Thy all-encompassing