February Tenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
We must attain steadiness and balance through our own endeavor.

Lines to Memorize
These shadows have taught me I am nothing save when I walk in
Thy light. With grateful heart I bless these ills
that teach me to love Thee and Thy light.


A wise man, if he is struck is not willing to stoop to striking back, not because he feels a sense of superiority, but because he wishes to prove his loyalty to his highest light. When we hear a harsh word, we let it grind into our consciousness. The remedy is to bring in another thought. The remedy for a weakening thought is to think the opposite thought; overcome evil by good.


May my thoughts and prayers turn to Thee, O Lord!
Lift me above all confusion and wavering.
Grant unto me fixity of purpose and a determination that cannot be shaken.
Surround me with Thy loving blessing
And fill my heart with Thy Divine peace.