February Nineth

Salient Thought for the Day.
We never know when the hour of test will arise.

Lines to Memorize
Awakener, I heard Thee call me in the stillness of night
when all was in deep slumber.
Again I heard Thy voice;
But sleep was still upon me.
Since the light hath burst upon mine eyes
and I see Thy face, My sleep is gone.


There come moments when we feel thwarted, when all spiritual avenues seem blocked. These are the moments for us to hold fast and wait. If we can learn to keep our mind in truth and in rhythm, nothing can thwart us. It matters not then what difficulties overtake us. As long as we cling to the reality of God, we shall remain fearless and unfaltering.


O Thou Infinite One, reveal Thyself unto me
That I may find my safety in Thy Divine Presence.
Help me always to be on guard and watchful
That I may overcome whatever may assail me.
Thou art the Giver of all strength.
Surround me with Thy loving protection
And grant that I may learn to look to Thee,
in the moments of joy and in the hour of darkness.