February Eighth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Stand as a tower of strength.

Lines to Memorize
When I stand alone with Thee on this rock of refuge
I stand firm and unshakable.
Without fear or doubt of self
I gaze upon the valley of life.
My vision is clear;
Far and near, present and past
And all future in the bosom of time
Melt into one blending harmony.


Anyone can be good when things go smoothly; but when all goes wrong and a man can still go on bravely, he comes out triumphant. The real way is not to run away from one trouble to another, but to turn at once to the Supreme Source for help and guidance. More we are connected with that Source, more efficient we are and less we give way to weakness.


Infinite Spirit, hold me by Thy Compassionate Hand,
In my moments of pleasure and pain,
success and failure, victory and defeat,
That I may never falter or be overcome by elation or depression.
Thou art the Divine Giver, grant unto me this blessing.
And keep me in peace and calmness of mind.