February Seventh

Salient Thought for the Day.
It is a great blessing when we are struck. If there is anything in us, the blow will bring it out.

Lines to Memorize
These dark shadows that fall upon the path of my life
Causing me sadness, distress and pain:
I have learned to welcome these through Thy holy grace.
They show me how I lack wisdom;
How failing and faltering is my strength.


Be brave and hold fast. Patience conquers everything in the end. Our moods and feelings are only momentary—they come and go, being fleeting in nature; therefore we must try to endure them and look upon them as a witness. Never tear down your peace and happiness unnecessarily. Never lose faith in yourself. Pray that Mother may make your faith ever stronger and stronger and give you joy, selflessness and true devotion.


Do Thou, O Eternal One, awaken in me such wisdom
That I may find my safety in Thee alone.
Grant unto me true fortitude and spiritual strength.
May I be enduring and un-affrighted by pain and trouble.
If I fail or stumble, may I always turn to Thee for help,
And find renewed courage and life in Thy Blessed Presence..