February Sixth

Salient Thought for the Day.
To maintain our equilibrium is the greatest practical wisdom.

Lines to Memorize
Covet not pleasure.
Shrink not from pain.
Stand firm on the balancing rod of life.
He who seeketh pleasure can ne’er escape pain;
For they are coupled,—the inseparable twins.
Let thy soul live in tranquil harmony
Amid pleasure and amid pain.


We are primarily of Spirit. Our real essence is in the Divine. To forget that becomes our greatest failure. Even mistakes are not evil. We learn through mistakes as much as through good deeds. It is not a misfortune to blunder, but it becomes a misfortune when a person broods over his blunder. When we live the life we get rid of all brooding and despondency. It is when our heart is filled with ambition that we feel defeat and failure. We remain unmoved and undisturbed when it is wholly filled with the Ideal.


O Thou Who art changeless and abiding,
Grant to me such trust in Thee
that I may cross over all difficulties and trials,
And find absolute peace and quietude.
Help me to shake off all fear and anxiety
And rest in the consciousness of Thy protecting Presence.