February Fifth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Failure is not external. It means something is disordered within.

Lines to Memorize
When Thou art near I am undaunted by fear;
Life nor death can crush my spirit.
But in Thine absence when my heart sinks in sadness
I know not even how to pray.
I lift my eyes to find Thee;
My soul suffers nightmares of anguish.


We are primarily of Spirit. Our real essence is in the Divine. To forget that becomes our greatest failure. Even mistakes are not evil. We learn through mistakes as much as through good deeds. It is not a misfortune to blunder, but it becomes a misfortune when a person broods over his blunder. When we live the life we get rid of all brooding and despondency. It is when our heart is filled with ambition that we feel defeat and failure. We remain unmoved and undisturbed when it is wholly filled with the Ideal.


O Thou Mother Divine, make this heart glad.
Make it hopeful and strong.
May I go through difficulties and dangers with undaunted courage,
And may I never lose the sense of Thy tender care and loving protection.