February Fourth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Never mind failures. Rise with fresh vigor. Everything is conquered by the giant force of will.

Lines to Memorize
When man casts me down
God holds me up.
Seek thou not human aid
If thou wouldst be sustained by thy Lord.


It is a great blessing to meet with struggle and opposition; whatever fire there is in us is kindled by these. Life does not mean merely following the softest road, the path of least resistance; it is doing something vital. Hardships and difficulties bring out the best in us and make us strong. He who is the same in pleasure and pain, who is unshaken and steady, he alone lives a fruitful life. It is this which gives us balance and without balance we are always wavering and fitful.


O Thou Unbounded Spirit of the Universe,
Make Thy Presence felt in my soul
That I may realize Thy love and sustaining power.
Thou art the Giver of all blessing.
Grant unto me Thy blessing
That I may be ever conscious of Thy nearness
And transcend failure, grief and despair.