February Third

Salient Thought for the Day.
Steadfastness is a quality of the soul. It is something which we unfold.

Lines to Memorize
The light of the soul knoweth no boundary lines;
It hath no east nor west, north nor south.
Yea, the light of the soul shineth everywhere,
Save when we keep our doors shut—
Alas, when we keep our doors shut!


We must acquire steady wisdom. We must not be fluctuating and changeable. People who are moody and unsteady afflict themselves and afflict others. If the light goes out, it is not through accident; it is through lack of care. We must never be neglectful. We must be steady; we must be vigilant. We need steadfastness and it comes when our thought is fixed on something which is abiding.


O Thou Effulgent Spirit! May my heart and mind be filled with the light which is divine. Remove from me all darkness and unwisdom And give me unshakable faith in eternal things.