February Second

Salient Thought for the Day.
Steadfastness is one of the basic virtues in life.

Lines to Memorize
Be thou a lamp unto thy fellow-men, unfailing.
Let thy light of love burn at all hours without ceasing.
Be not downcast or depress thy heart if, perchance, it burneth dim.
Let it burn bright or let it be dim,
But be thou ever an unfailing lamp.


Be steadfast. When we hold steadfastly then there comes a certain ripening within us. How long a man can hold, that is the measure of his merit. What is an hour or two when you are standing faithfully at your post? Realization comes when we endure. The spiritual life requires great steadiness and endurance. Hold to your faith and devotion. Never let them waver or grow weak.


May that Infinite One, who knows all my thoughts and feelings,
May He fill me with strength and wisdom.
May He remove from my heart all that is unworthy and alien.
May He make it free from all blemish T
That in all my actions and in my words I may express His power and glory
And bring blessings to all His children.