February First

Salient Thought for the Day.
Be like a rock, unshakable.

Lines to Memorize
Hold fast to the end.
Goal can never be far,
If thy heart clings to Him with love,
With love hold fast to the end.


Discipline should not throw you down. When you take up spiritual life without any ulterior motive, not seeking ease or comfort, you seek tests and difficulties to prove your strength and endurance. You do not shrink from trial. Never pray to minimize your burden, but that you may be given wisdom to meet it. There are moments when we feel thwarted and when our spiritual vision seems blocked. These are the moments of greatest growth.


O Thou All-beneficent Spirit,
Make me firm and undaunted in my spiritual life.
May my mind rise above the ever changing objects of this world
And be fixed always on Thee.
May my heart be unfaltering.
May it never turn away from Thee.
Make me strong in Thy strength.
May I never fall back or waver in my devotion to Thee.