August Third

Salient Thought for the Day.
We must learn to establish ourselves on a foundation which does not waver. That alone will give us quietness of mind.


Lines To Memorize
Not knowing the ways of this strange world, As I journeyed alone, self-dependent, My heart was wounded and my body was torn. But Thy tender touch of brooding love hath revived me. Thou hast made my wounded heart Thy, throne; Thou hast transformed my pain into sweet solace.


So long as we dwell on the sense plane, it is impossible for us to maintain calmness of mind. We may plan that, no matter how the world may treat us, we shall remain calm and serene; yet in spite of our calculations we are overwhelmed. We forget our determination, because the material condition which confronts us becomes a reality for us. There is only one way that we can establish a calm attitude of mind; that is, by fixing our consciousness in that which does not change and which will not fail us.


O Lord, Thou art my Besting place and only Protection. May I never lose my vision of Thee. May I never give way to sorrow or despondency. May I remain undaunted and unfaltering in my spiritual life And serve Thee with steadfast heart.