August Second

Salient Thought for the Day.
Poise does not come accidentally. It springs from intuition and self-conquest.


Lines To Memorize
For this madness of mine I can find no cure; There is no help save when Thou art near. Now at last Thou art come, I am well — yea, my spirit is still! My body, mind and senses all sing in perfect unison the joy of Thy coming.


When mind becomes established in quietude, then all sorrows cease. All our forces should be so in tune that there is no room for things to happen by accident. In reality there is no such thing as accident; whatever happens is the result of a previous state of mind. Mind is not meant to rest in outer influences. In order to get out of gloom or disturbance it must have a point of contact that is different. The mind must be interested in a higher point, where everything is living and vibrant.


May the Supreme Being grant me power to keep an even tenor in all the happenings of my daily life. May I live in unbroken contact with His divine Storehouse, And draw all my strength and inspiration from Him alone.