August First

Salient Thought for the Day.
Never let your heart become ruffled by pain or pleasure, joy or despondency.


Lines To Memorize
Our life hath both its summer and its winter, with their heat and cold. The great Creator knoweth our need. And giveth unto us the season of cold and the summer of heat.


A person does not begin to do his best until body is focused and unified. But body cannot be focused without the mind being focused. It is not by thinking on the body you control your body, it is rather by thinking on higher things and relating them to body. Body and mind are both unified by this means and you gain poise. When shall you practice poise? Always. When you are in the crowd and when alone. You must maintain a sense of sanctity and serenity at all time


O Thou Infinite Spirit, quiet the turbulence of my outer and inner life.  Grant me quietude of heart and mind.  Help me to silence the voices of the world. And to maintain calmness and tranquility in all the varying conditions of the day.  May Thy peace fill my being And make me open to Thy blessing.