April Sixteenth

Salient Thought for a the Day.
No price is too great to pay for inspiration and higher vision.

Lines to Memorize
Thou art the might of the mighty,
Sanctity of the saint,
Melody of the musician!
Thou all-glorious Spirit of transcendent loveliness,
In awe and dumb wonderment
I adore Thee!

Scientific knowledge alone is never sufficing. It may be a
starting point, but we must look for something deeper.
We must reach the storehouse of learning. Science
plus union with God make up the Yoga system.
The term Yoga is a sacred word—so sacred that
there is a hush of silence when it is uttered. It signifies
“union”—union with That, union with the Supreme.
We have to find our access to the within and
Yoga gives us the methods by which we can do this.

Thou Gracious Lord, I seek-Thy Grace and blessing.
Do Thou bestow upon me Thy Grace
And make my life more worthy of Thy blessing.
Fasten my heart to Thee with steadfast devotion and faith.
May I never fall away or lose Thy Grace.
May my thought ever be fixed on Thee.