April Thirteeth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Truth is the richest thing we can acquire in life. We must recognize its vital importance and be loyal to it.

Lines to Memorize
Enter Thou my inmost being;
Leave nothing in dark.
Fill my heart, my soul, and all my soul’s hiddenmost parts,
Unknown to my mortal mind.
Come Thou!
I invoke Thee with my soul’s yearning voice.

Not a particle of Truth can ever be lost, not a single effort
to realize the Truth can be unfruitful. Only thing required
of us is to have patience and perseverance and unshaken
trust in the Divine. What else is needed? Life should be lived
just for the sake of itself. I mean for expansion, for vision of That.
But never for the opinion of any creature, rich or poor, learned
or ignorant. Worship of Truth brings great strength of conviction
and absolute fearlessness.

O Thou Effulgent Light,
Thou who art ever unchanging, without beginning or end,
Make Thy effulgence felt in my heart.
Fill my whole being with it, leaving room for naught else.
May Thy Light of Truth illumine my path;
May I follow it faithfully and with fervor of spirit.
Merit? Merit? Brother, who told thee I had merit?
Merit have I none, nor ever did I have.
What merit hath the straw?
The weaver shapes a basket with it.
If the basket be fair it is not the merit of the straw;
It is his skill who maketh it.
I am that straw which once lay at the great Weaver’s feet.
But He, the Compassionate, took it in His hand and fashioned it.
Now I cherish this basket of His fashioning
To gather His blessing.