April Twenty-Eighth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Wisdom does not consist in gathering information.
It consists in finding a clear access to the Highest.

Lines to Memorize
Since Thou hast come of Thine own great compassion for me,
Who am devoid of all merit,
Wilt Thou not vouchsafe a little boon to me?
Then place Thy saving hand upon mine eyes
And cure me of my blindness
That it may never again hide Thee from me.

That which enshrouds our vision is ignorance. The way out of
it is through wisdom. Wisdom is that which keeps us from
blundering. It is like carrying a light. We can all unfold it.
It rests with us whether we will walk in darkness or whether
we will kindle the torch of wisdom in our mind and heart
and walk by its light. It alone can show us the way to God.

O Thou Infinite Being, show me the way to Thee
That I may gair access to Thy Presence
And bathe in Thy light.
May I never fail to see Thee.
May I never turn my face away from Thee,
And may I seek Thee always with steadfastness and fervent faith.