April Twenty-Fifth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Differences are wiped out when we have direct illumination.

Lines to Memorize
I see naught else but Thee;
I feel naught else but Thee;
I crave no other knowledge.
I only know that Thou art mine,
And I am forever Thine.

Universal vision gives us a conception of Divine Being.
Through universal vision we approach nearer and nearer
to the Supreme. We cannot have freedom of life if we
have any crookedness or narrowness in our thought
or habit. We cannot have access to God without sincerity
and directness. Only absolute dependence and absolute
trust – such trust as a child has in his mother – will enable
us to establish a living relationship with Godhead.

May the All-embracing Spirit of the Universe waken
in my soul a sense of His Presence. May that living
Presence fill my whole being. May it kindle in me a
new fire of love and sympathy for all men. May I
express that love in all my words and actions. May
He grant me sincerity of heart and openness of mind.