April Twenty-Fourth

Salient Thought for the Day.
One feels suffocated within the boundary line of dogmatic religion.


Lines to Memorize
Soul in search is never at rest.
Soul in slumber knoweth not the precious peace.
Soul in wakeful communion is at rest and hath found its peace.


We must avoid fanaticism. A fanatic never has clear vision.
We need a balanced attitude of mind. The greatest mellowness
and gentleness are to be found in those who have realized most.
The sign of life’s fulfillment is this softness and mellowness.
A man has nothing to give until he has learned to shut
the door and commune with his own soul.


O Thou All-knowing One, free me from the anguish of doubt and
calculation. May I never close my being to Thee.
May I open every channel to receive Thy Divine inspiration.
May I find my home in Truth
And rest my life and happiness in Truth alone.