April Twenty-Third

Salient Thought for the Day.
All the faculties we have can be freed from limitation by
connecting them with their Source through meditation.


Lines to Memorize
Let all doors and windows of this house be opened to the sanctity
of sun. Leave nothing unopened, nothing hidden from the
beneficent light. Gloomy thoughts shall never enter this house
again; Doubt and despair will vanish; Yea, they will all vanish
from this house before the light.


In meditation you drop contact with the world, which weights
you down. A little meditation done each day, if you do not fail,
will change your whole life. Life of meditation is life of peace;
life of meditation is life of happiness; life of meditation is
ife of spiritual grandeur in the soul of man.


In this hour of silence may I lift my heart and thought and
fix them on the All-abiding Spirit. May He bestow upon me
is Grace and throw light upon my path.He is my only
Guide and Protector, My one Friend and Companion.
May I realize oneness with Him And yield myself up
wholly to His protecting love.