April Twenty-Second

Salient Thought for the Day.
God has given us reason, He has given us a higher sense of values.
We need both to attain union with our Source.

Lines to Memorize
Wake, awake! A new light hath come into this house that
was once so dark. Rise, my spirit! Arise, my mind, my
body and all ye sense-slumberers! Behold the glory of light,
dispelling all darkness!

We learn balance through our union with the Supreme Source
and man is stronger as he gains this union. The richest
experience of life comes when we find our inner Refuge,
where we can retire and feel security. Buddha calls it an island.
The thing is to find it through our thought and aspiration.
Only when we find this inner point of contact, can we take
our place in the world and fill it wisely.

O Thou Supreme One, bestow upon me a true understanding,
That I may come to Thee with a sincere spirit of consecration.
Thou art the Storehouse of all light and wisdom.
Thou alone can strengthen and inspire me.
May I rest my life in Thine
And find my peace in Thee.