April Twenty-First

Salient Thought for the Day.
It is because of that Supreme light that we are able to think, to move, to work.


Lines to Memorize
Hail to Thee, Thou who dost light in our heart
The flame of all-consuming love!
Hail to Thee, Thou who dost rouse in our soul
Adoration for all this, Thy creation!
In speechless thought I marvel at Thy boundless blessing.


In order to bring that living Reality into our life, we must
become vibrant with spiritual aspiration, we must open
every avenue to God. If we start with negative thought,
it becomes a great drawback. That which is first, we
must give that first place. Life is a question of unfoldment.
It holds a special lesson for each one of us. No one can
escape from that lesson or break away from connection
with that basic Reality.


O Thou Infinite Spirit, reveal Thyself unto me That I may feel
Thee near. Help me to contemplate Thy infinite Essence within
my heart. Thou art the Source of all my power, Thou art the
origin of my life. May I never forget that Thou art Consciousness
abiding within my consciousness, That Thou art the Support
and Sustenance of my being.