April Twentieth

Salient Thought for the Day.
The light of the soul sheds its radiance everywhere.


Lines to Memorize
The light that I see yonder
And the light that shineth near
Is but the same light.
It is soul’s light;
It is God’s light;
It is the light of love.
This lamp of life may burn dim or it may burn bright;
But ever is it undying in dying!


We all have that majestic soul within us. We can all grow
with its expansion, or we can stay in a narrow little circle
and contract. The greatest misfortune that can come to
a soul is to lose its spiritual vision. No one can rob us of it.
Only the things that rise within ourselves can rob us of it.
They are our real enemies, they cheat us of our rightful heritage.


O Thou All-radiant Being, shed Thine infinite light on my life
That it may radiate only brightness and joy.
Thou shinest through all things.
Do Thou shine through my every thought and action,
And reveal Thy blessed Presence to others.