April Nineteenth

Salient Thought for a the Day.
When our mind grows still, we find within us an unfailing source of supply.


Lines to Memorize
“Be still! Strain thou thy mind no more,” spake a voice from
an unseen depth: “Close thine eyes, they see not the true;
come thou with me.” Thus a gentle hand led me to a noiseless land.
Its cooling, scented breeze soothed all my inner anguish.
Lo! I stood before a crystal lake in whose limpid waters I saw—and I knew.


We must be indrawn, we must learn a deeper mode of thinking,
if we would establish connection with our inner Source.
When we touch It, we experience a new fullness of life,
a new vivid sense of realization. People imagine that the
contemplative life makes us passive and negative; but this
shows that they have never had access to It. When one
finds the realm to which contemplation leads, all dullness
vanishes and life is filled with abundant joy—enough to give to others.


May He who watches over this universe May He quiet my mind
and heart, And make my whole being so harmonious and peaceful
That His glory may be manifest within me. May I never break
my connection with that Source of all bliss.