April Eighteenth

Salient Thought for a the Day.
In meditation our Ideal does not grow greater but
our relation with it grows more fundamental.

Lines to Memorize
How long I waited for Thee I cannot say, For time was
not in my thought. When I watch for Thee my mind is
merged in Thee. Time exists not for me when Thou art near.

Meditation means a finer province of thought. Thought
can break through everything. The reason why our
thought does not reveal to us is because something
is constantly cutting in on it. Only when our whole nature
becomes silent, free from pretense, free from demand
and discontent, can we have the steadiness of mind
necessary for communion with the Ideal. We must express
God-like qualities in our daily actions, if we would recognize
His voice and perceive His Presence.

O Thou who abidest in all things, I lift my prayers
and aspirations unto Thee. Open Thou all avenues
to Thee That I may reach Thy divine Spirit And find
rest in Thy great Presence. Help me to realize that
Thou art everywhere; And make my heart so fervent
in devotion That I shall not fail to reach Thee.