April Seventeenth

Salient Thought for a the Day.
Through the practice of silence we gain knowledge of our
spiritual nature and bring our outer nature into harmony with it.

Lines to Memorize
Stillness is not negative, it is not lack of life; it is control of life.
Silent power is always con- structive. The practice of silence
helps us gain a glimpse of our inherent nature. That is why
wise men spend so much time in silence. Unless we have
quietness of mind, unless we have learned to control our
restless thought, we cannot remain unmoved in all the
experiences of life.

Hush! This is the hour of silence When soul seeks its refreshment.
Turbulent mind, thou art ever restive for sport and gain;
Thou art ever mad for new sensation and art in feverish plight.
Wouldst thou rob me of my true happiness? Be still,
that thou mayest not miss this new and blessed joy.

O Thou Supreme One, in this hour of silence I lift my
prayer to Thee. Sanctify me by Thy touch That I may
feel a nearness that destroys all doubt and heaviness.
May I rest in Thy Divine Presence and protection
And open my heart, my thought and feeling,
to Thy Divine inspiration.