April Fifteenth

Salient Thought for a the Day.
If we learn to depend on our higher faculties
we shall not fail to reach our goal.

Lines to Memorize
I sailed on the wing of thought,
Crossing many deep streams where
My feet would have sunk in weight.
But the wing of thought carried me to
the unwonted shores of life where
I found Thee, And in Thee I found my rest.

We always find great joy and satisfaction in the spiritual.
In the light of Spirit there cannot be any darkness.
We learn this through meditation. We cannot lose
that light. It may be obscured, but it cannot be extinguished.
Realization of that light brings a sense of Presence.
No one can force on you this sense of a higher Presence.
It is a quality of the soul.

O Thou Giver of all light, illumine my mind and heart with
Thy divine radiance. Bestow upon me divine vision
That my life may be productive of the highest good.
Make my steps steadfast and unfaltering;
And though many times I may fail and stumble blindly,
Still may I never doubt Thy loving guidance.