April Fourteenth

Salient Thought for a the Day.
We have innate introspection and divine inspiration.

Lines to Memorize
When all is covered by the blank sheet of darkness and naught
is seen, Thou enterest unaware with Thy all-filling light,
Transforming gloom into brightness.

When man awakens, he finds that he is part of one great Reality
and he realizes his union with all things. People come in contact
with something high and beautiful, but if they keep their doors closed,
it hinders instead of helping them. All men hare a hunger for everlasting
happiness, for everlasting peace; but that which is everlasting cannot
be acquired suddenly. We must first realize from what source it comes.

May the Divine Spirit who is ever within me,
Who knows my hidden thoughts and feelings,
May He open my sight that I may perceive His glory
And feel new and more fervent devotion unto Him.
May He inspire within me nobler thoughts
And more selfless aspirations
That I may ever seek the Highest.