April Thirteenth

Salient Thought for a the Day.
Understanding is born from within.

Lines to Memorize
Thou art born of Spirit,
Not created by thought,
Nor moulded by fancies,
Thou divine spark of unfathomed origin!
As vision Thou enterest in the heart of the prophet;
In the soul of the poet Thou dwellest as raptures of inspiration;
And in the throat of the singer as music.

Our whole nature will be washed clean by the water of pure
spiritual understanding. It must be true understanding however,
not mere theory. It comes as the fruit of realization.
When it comes we feel it, our whole life is filled with it.
There is no more doubt or questioning. We do not hesitate,
we do not calculate. A new consciousness rises in us and
we yield ourselves to that undying Reality which abides in our soul.

O Supreme Spirit, lift my thought from all unrealities
And grant me perfect tranquillity of mind.
Thou art the One to be worshipped.
Thou art the One to be realized.
Destroy in me all delusion
And bestow on me the blessing of Thy abiding wisdom.