April Twelveth

Salient Thought for a the Day.
Outer clarified vision comes as a result of inner clarified vision.

Lines to Memorize
Wert Thou always so near and I hunted for Thee so far?
Verily when I ran out to find Thee
I was going away from Thee.
Faith have I none in my own wisdom or vision.

Only those who have clarified vision can see, feel and touch
the Infinite. We seem to perceive subtler things more clearly
when we close our eyes. This does not mean that we must
become blind, but these channels of the outer senses become
barriers to our inner sight. When a mystic goes before the altar,
he closes his eyes to all sights, he closes his ears to all sounds;
not that he must assume blindness or deafness, but that he
blocks the outer senses in order that his inward sight
and hearing may become more vivid.

O Thou All-seeing One, may I never forget that
vision of Thee gives life, Vision of Thee gives exaltation.
Bestow upon me this deeper sight. The Truth is always shining;
Help me to find It That I may never stray away from Thee.