April Eleventh

Salient Thought for a the Day.
Great truth can never rise in the mind of the thoughtless or in him who is enslaved by selfishness.

Lines to Memorize
What avails quarrelling for thy freedom if thy
heart remains selfish and vain? Cast off the chain
from thy neck, thou freeman,
And be free as the air of heaven!

All these fragments, all these disjointed fibres of our mind,
if we can bring them together in one-pointed devotion, it
will remove every blemish from our heart and give us pure sight.
Our eyes are blurred now because we are looking here and
looking there. Our eye is not single, that is why we cannot see.
By meditation we clarify our sight. In meditation we do not
become inactive; but the channels through which our usual
activity flows become blocked and our higher faculties
force open other avenues of activity.

O Thou All-compassionate Being, awaken in me a more yearning
spirit and a deeper longing for the Truth. Grant unto me greater wisdom
That I may be able to discern the real and forsake the unreal.
Reveal Thy true nature unto me And may it free me from all
bondage and blindness. May I never weary in my search for Thee.