April Tenth

Salient Thought for a the Day.
We hold ourselves down by our own thought and action.

Lines to Memorize
Noble thoughts are like sweet perfume,
Ever refreshing to our mind and heart,
While impure thoughts rise as noxious
vapors to poison our soul and
paralyze our mind’s truer sense.

There is a power which excels worldly wisdom. Yet the world of
higher aspirations is not separate from this world. It can be found
here and now; we fail to sense it because we do not open the right avenues.
There is not a single person who has found happiness, peace or lasting
contentment in the finite world; but after they have found it within,
they can carry it to the outside. As soon as we find a larger happiness,
we cease to cling to the lesser one.

O Thou inexhaustible Source of all blessedness,
Make my heart serene and glad,
Kindle in me a burning fire of aspiration,
May no unworthy thought find access to my mind,
And may my heart always remain a fitting altar unto Thee.