April Nineth

Salient Thought for a the Day.
To attain realization we must maintain a lofty
standard of consecration in our daily life.


Lines to Memorize
The paths of my inner and outer life lie clear before me;
I need no other light to find my way out to Thee.
I shall carry no light save one—the lamp of Thy Grace.
This I can never part with;
I see by its white radiance, even when mine eyes are closed.


When our yearning for Truth is genuine and our heart is single,
we come into the Presence of the Supreme. We converse with
Him and we realize that our being is a part of His Being. Then
all the little things of life, all its petty details, do not bind us.
We breathe freely in this higher sphere of consciousness.
We are renewed and become imbued with the Spirit of God.


Infinite Spirit, make my heart free from all stain and selfishness,
That I may have the desire to follow Thy path with whole-hearted
consecration and devotion. May I learn to live ever in contact with
Thy Divine Being and find my true happiness in communion with
Thee. Bestow upon me Thy sacred blessing, Infill me with
Thy Divine peace..