April Eighth

Salient Thought for a the Day.
The only danger-point is when we lose our vision.


Lines to Memorize
O Light! Thou art my life!
My strength, my inspiration and action,
My vigor and joy—
All are contained in Thee.
Shine forth! Shine forth!
Shed Thy beneficence!
Let thy healing radiance warm my ebbing life.


There is a yearning in every earnest soul to kindle the fire
of Truth. It dwells in all but we do not know it. Often we
brood in wretchedness thinking we have it not, but it is
always there and when the spiritual eye opens, we
recognize our connection. We have our redemption,
we have our happiness through this connection.
Brooding does not take us onward. God is in the abyss
of our soul and is waiting for us to return to Him.


O Thou All-loving Lord, may I never forget Thee.
May I ever remember that Thou art my
Friend and Companion, My Spiritual Guide and
Refuge from all onslaughts of the world. Thou art the
Giver of all sight; Give me vision of Thee.
Illumine my heart with Thy Effulgence
That I may never turn my gaze away from Thee.