April Seventh

Salient Thought for a the Day.
We must not cut ourselves off from the basic Reality of our life.


Lines to Memorize
Soul art Thou in our life;
Life art Thou in our body.
Who can know Thee, Thou subtlest of subtle?
How can we ever know Thee,
Save when Thou dost come to us in Thy glory
And grant unto us our sight?


It is never too late to come to the Centre of our being.
We may be tired, we may be worn and weary, but we
can still turn to that Centre. Time is always ripe for that.
When we make our contact there, we find protection.
If we do not make this contact, our actions are
never productive. When we touch that one basic Principle,
we find the solution for all problems. Why is a man restless?
It is because he has lost touch with the Centre of his being.


O Supreme Deity, lift my heart from the mire of delusion,
That I may ever rejoice in Thy benign Presence.
Make my search after Thee steadfast and unfaltering.
Thou art the storehouse of all light and inspiration;
Shed Thy light upon my path.