April Sixth

Salient Thought for a the Day.
Great things are near, but we must have a certain unfoldment to be able to partake of them.

Lines to Memorize
The resonance of Thy voice aroused me
Who was slumbering in idle dreams.
My waking was only for a moment,
But Thou hast wrought a strange miracle within my soul.
Now even in sleep I find something in me always awake and watching.
That which Thou hast roused in me can sleep no more.

Nature holds for us a rich treacure. She has great lessons for us;
but we must have spiritual vision to perceive what she offers.
We take layer after layer off and things unfold themselves; this is
the real secret of revelation. When it comes, man realizes he has
a mighty spiritual heritage, that he has the power of Divinity within him.
But no one can force this realization on us, we must acquire it ourselves.

O Thou who dwellest in my heart!
Help me to withdraw my mind from all mundane glamour
And make it so clear and calm,
That it will reflect the Spirit of Truth.
Awaken me from the sleep of ignorance and delusion,
And grant me understanding of my divine nature.