April First

Salient Thought for a the Day.
Knowledge of God destroys anguish,
it destroys doubt, it destroys weakness


Lines to Memorize
Out of the deep darkness of night
A light burst upon my soul,
Filling me with serene gladness.
All my inner chambers
Are opened at its touch;
All my inmost being
Is flooded by its radiance.


Where is our highest security? Not in wealth or outer material
resources. It is in the living connection with our Source.
Our real safety lies in a spiritual Principle. Only one who
has made spiritual practices his habit will gain this connection.
Our life, our hands and feet, our mind and heart, are wholly
changed as we have bigger, loftier understanding. Now we
see Infinitude only here and there, casually, but we must
create our contact with It.


O Thou Infinite Spirit, help me to know Thee, That I may rest my
life and strength and happiness in Thee. Free my mind from
doubt and ignorance, That I may grow more and more conscious
of Thy tender love and unceasing protection. May I ever seek
Thee and depend on Thee in all undertakings. May I find my
peace in Thy Divine Being