April Fifth

Salient Thought for a the Day.
We cannot lay our finger on all-encircling Infinitude, yet It is everywhere

Lines to Memorize
I know in my inmost depth
That no mortal light
Can reveal Thy immortal face;
Thou art seen only in Thine own effulgence.
Yet with yearning hope in my heart,
I keep my little altar lamp
Day and night, burning—burning!

It is a sacrilege to believe that we have no part in God’s life.
The power of God is within us and all about us. Unbroken
and undivided Oneness pervades the universe. We all partake
of it. As long as the realm of Divinity remains distant from us,
we can have no access to it and true knowledge will not come.
It must be brought close through sincere yearning and living the life.

O Thou Infinite All-encompassing Deity!
Clarify my vision that through Thy Grace
I may perceive Thy abiding Presence
And never again lose sight of Thee. Teach me to seek
Thee always and look to Thee wholly for protection.