April Fourth

Salient Thought for a the Day.
When we consult our inner being in everything, we begin
to hear the voice of God and perceive His Presence


Lines to Memorize
Lo! a perfect cave in the utmost depths of my heart was awaiting,
ever ready and ever still. It was afar, yea, out of reach of all our ills.
Now I sit with Thee in unbroken peace—in rain, storm and wind.
They come and beat against my outer life, but have no access
to where my heart’s treasure lies.


The ultimate vision of Reality far surpasses all that we can picture.
When we attain it, we no longer think whether we are worthy or unworthy,
rich or poor, happy or unhappy. We gain a new spirit. We seem to breathe
the real oxygen of life, we find fresh hope and courage. As we have certain
hours for our outer duties, so we must have a time which we devote to our
soul culture. When day after day we strive to cultivate this inward sight,
we cannot fail to unfold it.


O Thou in-dwelling Spirit, May I learn that my own
strength is never sufficient, But that my strength lies
always in Thy strength. May I so offer up my life
that all my thoughts and actions may have their source in Thee.