April Third

Salient Thought for a the Day.
Always point the mind to that which is unlimited and vast.


Lines to Memorize
In the glow of my sacred lamp
I caught a glimpse of Thy countenance,
Which hath roused in me
An all-consuming longing
To see Thee again.
I keep vigil,— My altar light burns day
and night with the hope of Thy coming.


There are those who even when they hear the voices of the world
take their stand and say, “I must know God, however difficult it
may be.” They dwell upon this thought and they carry it with
them wherever they go, and out of this comes realization.


May the all-pervading Spirit of the Universe fill
my heart with His light That I may have no doubt
or darkness within me. May I realize His majesty
and glory And learn that only as I trust in His
protecting power am I safe and peaceful.
May He bestow on me His blessing that
my life may be noble and fruitful.