April Second

Salient Thought for a the Day.
When we live in the thought of Eternity, we find
a cure
for all our material ailments and distresses.


Lines to Memorize
have found a perennial spring hidden in my inner garden.
I have bathed in it; I am drunk with its ethereal, sparkling drops.
Come, friend, I will show thee this spring of unfailing waters;
It will quench thy soul’s thirst and heal thy body’s wounds.


As long as life goes on expressing itself through outer avenues
we are handicapped. We can make our life more productive
if we are not cut off from our Source. We do not survive long
when we lose our connection with that Source. Only when we
find the great Eternal Presence does life become complete.
Then we lack for nothing.


O Thou Eternal Being, I offer unto Thee my inmost
thoughts and prayers. Cleanse them of all that is
small and unworthy. Remove from my mind all alien desires,
That my whole life may be in tune with Thy Divine life;
And may I express Thy radiance in every hour of my existence.
May all the activity of my body, mind and heart be directed wholly unto Thee.