Personal Security & Privacy Matters

Google is quietly recording ALL activities you perform through Google Search, YouTube, Voice and Recording through Android Device and much more. Here is how you stop it.

Developers at Google built-in these search function features a means of delivering accurate search results based on your history. However, such abundant information is stored in Google’s All types of activity database against your Google Login ID or hackers can through back-door to monitor your activity.

The good news is that you can turn it off and delete all activities including Search, Voice, Pictures, YouTube and much more. Just click on the Text title above that will list access to your activities, based on your Google Login ID and Password. You will notice some of these activities go back several years, which you were not even aware of.

For each activity type you will notice 3 vertical dots on the title as well as on the Activity item. The latter displays more information. You probably want to go through the activity list and delete one-by-one using by clicking on the 3 dots beside the Activity title.

You can also filter to ALL activities from My Activity list and Delete all. But, I found it was hit and miss. Try it out if it work for you. You can also chose to Turn Off what gets recorded in their history file using the slider button to OFF/PAUSE. I am not sure if it has a timer and turns ON automatically after certain time. Knowing Google, you never know what goes on behind the scenes.

Good Luck!